Monday, July 8, 2013

Forget about Teachers, Forget About Books, No More Stamps OR Address Books!!!

I've been using this service called SendOutCards for some time now, it is a website where you can load your contacts once, and from there you can design and send them real old school cards in the mail... for me it has been great for keeping in touch with Grandma, particularly because you can upload pictures (of kids in this case) and have them printed directly on the card. This saves SO MUCH TIME AND STRESS!! Just look at these two scenarios and the effort to accomplish each...

  • Take picture
  • Print Picture by
    • Printing it at home with your printer 
    • Ordering it online and picking up in a store
    • Bringing the film canister to a photo place and having them print prepared to wait!
    • Collect picture and move to next step..
  • Bring Photo Home
  • Go to store to buy a card 
    • (or make one)
  • Find or go to post office to get stamps 
  • At home, assemble all the in card, stamp on envelope
    • Find Address book, write address on card (make sure you don't mess up!)
  • Put it in the mailbox 
    • or if you don't have the stamps to the post office to mail it there
  • Take picture (digital)
  • Load it onto computer
  • Login to SOC 
  • Select card
  • Select picture
  • Type message
  • SEND

So you get my drift right? It's  so so much easier, especially if you have a Chromebook you can use anywhere and you don't even have to go home to get the pictures on the computer...and it allows techies like me to stay in touch with the non-techies in a way that they understand, via paper. If you are interested I'm adding a link to my sidebar so that it can always easily be accessed there.

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