Saturday, July 6, 2013

Healthy Rewards Program

Have you installed EveryMove yet on your mobile device? It is pretty slick, it works along with a variety of other tools (FitBit for example) and applications to track physical activity, where it goes beyond these though is that you actually earn points towards real rewards! You can earn an adventure (I signed up to earn points towards time at an Adventure Park) or any variety of other things. It seems like a cool way to both promote your stuff (by offering the rewards) and to earn stuff you might not otherwise pay for, or not pay as much for. I figure for the promotion benefits what you get is people who WANT what you have seeing what you have to offer whenever they use the program. This means they will either have a feeling of accomplishment when they get your offering that it will be affiliated with (warm fuzzies) or it means they might not reach their goal, and decide they want it anyway, without the discount and just go get it themselves. I suppose there is a tiny risk that someone might be angry that they did not earn a reward and might hold themselves back but I hope that is the minority! I think I had better go get some exercise so I can get some points towards that Adventure Park! 

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