Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Power of Social Media!!!

Today was awesome!! I was at home all day due to the snowpocalypse here in Seattle (I do NOT claim to know how to drive in the snow we Seattlites are notorious for claiming). It was last night I started hearing the murmurings of Wikipedia blacking out their site today...then I heard about it from RedditTroubledTeens, well saw it on facebook when the profile picture was changed to this:
I followed suit and started sharing only the relevant links as I saw favorite being the YouTube video where Ben Huh makes a cameo appearance ... "The day the Lolcat died".

It was an absolute blast to experience the solidarity across the web, Google, Wikipedia and more all directing people to contact their representatives (and I did!).

Eventually I got a little distracted and was spreading some Troubled Teen stories around when I got the NYT Afternoon Update and the story that even a co-founder of SOPA was withdrawing support. After reading about that I joyfully scrolled through my facebook newsfeed via my iphone posting the news article in the comments of those just catching on that SOPA and PIPA are a real threat.

Maria Cantwell has posted something about #OPEN as she called it...something bipartisan that is better...we will see.

Now I will be working on using this experience to learn about spreading the important news I have to share about Mitt Romney's Troubled Teen Industry connections and how the kids at these programs keep dying that sort of thing... Inspiring day, absolutely inspiring.

Much love to Wikipedia, Ben Huh (LolCats), Google, and everyone else who joined in this movement of online occupation.

In Solidarity - Kristin Bennett

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