Tuesday, August 9, 2011

How To Get Honest "Likes" From Customers

One reason that you may want to create a page on Facebook is to measure and increase the connections with your customers. This can be done as easily as adding a line to your receipt, email, invoice, or other relevant document or even a sign by your cash register if you are in a store saying something like:

"Thank you for your business, if you "Like" us please let us know!"
(search for "StrawberryTech Tips" on

What I like about this more passive way of getting "Likes" is that it is an ask that is based on the customer actually taking the action based on if they actually like you/your business. This means that the quality of likes is high and those are the likes most likely to stick around and lead to referrals etc. Notice that instead of writing the url which if on a piece of paper is a lot of typing I gave a search phrase. Before doing this be sure you check and confirm that the particular search phrase you use isn't going to confuse anyone by producing results that are too similar. For example if you search for someones first name, chances are that many people will show up which is even often the case if you use their last name too if it is a common one! Be careful about what phrase you use.

This is a way of asking in a non-manipulative way for customers to acknowledge they like doing business with you publicly. Often it does take asking, only a select few will go out of their way on their own to remember to find and like someone on facebook.

Be sure to create your page on facebook, you can do this by logging into facebook, scrolling to the very bottom of the page, clicking "Create a Page" and following the steps, on the step where it asks you to invite your friends I recommend unchecking the box and instead finishing the page, revising, and then selectively letting people know. This way you can ensure that your address, description, picture/logo, and everything else is there before people are invited to the site and you get flooded with messages letting you know it isn't.

Have you used any of the techniques shared here to ask for likes? Did you learn anything? Please share below if so!

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