Friday, August 5, 2011

Asked to "Like" an Empty Page?

Wow, it's getting worse each day.

These free classes encouraging small businesses to join the herds and just get on facebook and get people to like you are really messing things up.

Today I was invited to an event, that was announcing the launch of a new facebook page which:
  1. Was for a company I knew nothing about
  2. Didn't have a link to this new facebook page
  3. Had no information about the company/service on the page (which I eventually found through the person's page that invited me)
This completely defeats the purpose of creating a page on Facebook.

Creating a page on facebook, twitter, or any other social media network needs to be done for a reason, as a step towards a goal. Sometimes this is something as simple as to step up brand awareness, increase sales, or to spread news or information of some sort.

Just collecting likes to collect likes without having information on the page is like asking everyone in the world for a high five without having 'done' anything to warrant it. They'll do it probably, but it doesn't mean as much without any meaning or goals behind it.

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