Saturday, August 13, 2011

Finding GREAT Photos For Your Site

Smile by stefg74
Photo by stefg74 on Flickr

I have found myself talking to people on both sides of what I'm about to describe at lot recently. This includes both photographers who want their work to be put to use as well as people who are not photographers who simply want some high quality photo's on their site.

There are places that you can get awesome free photos! For example the photo above was obtained from here: which is a group on Flickr where photographers who want to share their photos can post them. They do for the most part all require that we photo appreciators give them credit where credit is due however! For example the photo above is by a user called stefg74 and if you click on the photo you can see more work by this photographer that they have on Flickr.

You can even search the group for particular pictures! For example, I got stung by a bee today. I like to blog about such eventful things (especially since I'm 'able' due to my finger that got stung not swelling up). I didn't have a good photo though, I suppose I could have thought about it, found a way to photograph my finger or hunt for a bee to photograph but no, I decided to search for a bee picture instead and you can see how I used it HERE. I got to write about my experience without worrying about taking the perfect picture for it!!

Likewise with this post, I just wasn't as specific, I looked at the photos and just found one that I really liked! I love coffee so this one seemed highly appropriate (thanks stefg74!!).

If you ever have questions about if it is ok to use a picture I recommend contacting the person who posted it!

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